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Terms & Conditions

Please thoroughly read our terms and conditions below which will form the contract between our customer and The Hadham Rolling Pin. It is the customer's responsibility to check all details are correct before payment of any deposits/products. 

The Hadham Rolling Pin is committed to customer satisfaction and maintaining our high reputation therefore I will always strive to help where possible. As a sole owner of the business, I will always look after my customers but please remember kindness and patience is key.

Payments made to The Hadham Rolling Pin are deemed as acceptance of the below terms.


  • All of our cakes are freshly baked and handmade to order - never frozen or outsourced

  • As all of our cakes are finished with buttercream, cakes should be kept in the fridge. Buttercream contains butter and in hot/warm temperatures, especially next to radiators or in kitchens - butter melts. This is more important for occasion cakes as they are kept in your homes but customers will be reminded of this on collection/delivery. Remove your cake 30 minutes before cutting and keep at room temperature once cut. Care should be taken to put cake in marquees as close to guest arrival time as these become very warm very quickly.

  • Sponge cakes and cupcakes should be eaten as soon as you can, preferably within 3 days. They should be eaten at room temperature. Fruit cakes can be enjoyed for up to 6 months from collection/delivery.

  • Additional servings can be cut, tightly wrapped in cling film and into Tupperware/freezer bag and frozen for up to 3 months. Defrost for 1 hour, pop the kettle on and enjoy, reliving your experience/occasion/moment.

  • Some of our cakes may have non-edible items in aid of decoration or toppers on them and we advise removing these before serving the cake. We ask you to take responsibility for ensuring that these are removed before enjoying.

  • Stacked and some larger cakes will be supported by dowels (either plastic or wood) these should be removed when cutting, prior to serving. 


  • Most of The Hadham Rolling Pin's cakes & bakes contain dairy, gluten (wheat) and eggs. You will be asked to confirm any allergies or dietary requirements at various points through the booking and confirmation process so anything we are not made aware of is down to the customer.

  • The bakery is not an allergy free kitchen, so we cannot guarantee that allergy-friendly cakes will not contain trace amounts of these ingredients due to the business handling the items daily. Any allergies or dietary requirements  that need to be worked around - your products will be baked and prepared before any other products that day to reduce the risk of any contamination. Although I will do my best to work with you, please note I handle nuts, wheat, eggs, dairy, soya and alcohol almost daily.

  • If a severe allergy is known (epi-pen holder) I will send a full list of all ingredients and their ingredients - it is then the customer’s responsibility to inform that guest of the ingredients I have passed on and that consuming the cake is a choice of their own. The Hadham Rolling Pin therefore accepts no liability for customers suffering allergic reactions from eating our products.

  • Graze items can never be guaranteed to be totally free of any allergies as the nature of the product is a complete mix of food, although I will do what I can to work around and eliminate items where I can. 

Ordering and Payment

  • Orders will be accepted via e-mail, website enquiry form and social media but will only be confirmed via email on invoice.

  • For wedding cakes and grazing tables - a £100 booking fee is required to confirm your booking and to save your date. This will be done via invoice and payment by back transfer - details to be provided upon booking. The wedding cakes ordering process can be found here. Your date and booking will only be held once your booking fee has been received.

  • For occasion cakes, cookies and other bakes - payment links will be sent with email confirmation the Monday prior to your booking.

  • All invoices and payment links to be complete within 5 days


  • All bespoke cake and cookie designs come from the information you have given to myself. All design briefs including requirements and amendments are to be approved by the customer at the confirmation stage. Written descriptions will always be used to confirm and explain what the customer will receive. Please check this thoroughly before final payment as I will only create the finished article from the wording of the order confirmation.

  • We will do our best to match colour requests for icing but we cannot guarantee an exact Pantone match as colours present differently in different materials and in different lights. We aim for a close-to-perfect match but this is not always possible.

Hire of Styling Items

  • Generally The Hadham Rolling Pin does not offer the hire of cake stands as part of our business as we aim to provide a seamless stress free service. The time and mileage spent for either parties to retrieve these does not lend a hand to this. I will however always help source stands, separators or styling items to enhance your showstopper and to suit your budget.

  •  Grazing styling items are included with your quotes and bookings however any damaged or missing products will be charged a fee.



  • As per my style, I will generally always include fresh flowers within my cake designs. If there is a specific flower you were looking for please specify on booking otherwise these will vary with seasons (more suited to occasion cakes)

  • Wedding cakes - I will liaise directly with your florist regarding the floral decorations required for your cake during the weeks before your wedding, so please do ensure you have ordered these beforehand. Please also ensure the quality and quantity you expect from them for your cake has been communicated, it always helps for both myself and you as the customer to send them over design ideas for the cake so they know your expectations. I can meet your florist at your venue or these can be placed ready on the cake table for me to set up. Please note we cannot accept responsibility for flowers left in this way. When a large amount of flowers are needed for the cake or table styling, I may suggest supplying some myself to ensure the quality and quantity is perfect which will then be added to your final invoice.

Delivery & Collections (general)

  • Collection will always be preferred where possible.

  • Mileage (45p per mile) and time will be charged for deliveries unless otherwise specifed.

  • Responsibility for your cake or bake passes to you once it has been collected from our premises or the delivery has been accepted. The Hadham Rolling Pin accepts no liability for cakes that are damaged after they have been delivered to the agreed location or collected from our bakery. So please ensure any information relayed or written information in these t's & c's have been adhered too (keeping them in the fridge etc!)

  • IMPORTANT FOR COLLECTIONS - Cakes should be transported on a flat surface. That is an empty boot or front passenger footwell. It is not recommended that cakes are put on a seat or a passenger knee as the angle can cause damage to cake. It is always recommended to travel with air conditioning on to keep the cake cool.


Delivery and set up (wedding specific)

  • Due to your wedding cake being my art work, I like to personally deliver and set up your cake at your venue. When spending so much time designing your wedding cake together I feel extremely passionate to ensure this is set up perfectly ready for you to view when entering your wedding breakfast. I will ask for details of your wedding coordinator and times suppliers can set up to/from and will liaise directly with them if needed. The cost of delivery and set up will be included in your cake quote and this is non negotioable.

  • Some cakes may be suitable for collection but this can be discussed at the point of enquiry.

Delivery and set up (graze specific)

  • Dependant on grazing table size​, set up will take place 2 to 3 hours before event starting time.
  • Access to a sink will be required so please bare this in mind when considering if grazing is suitable for your venue and event.
  • As grazing tables consist of refrigerated items it is advisable to plan the table location indoors out of direct sunlight. If the customer requests for the table to be outdoors or around an open door/window it is the customers responsibility to take precautions to protect the grazing table in the summer season such as incense sticks or citronella candles. Winter seasons should be considered too ie not next to a radiator.
  • All rubbish will be removed from the premises and area cleaned after set up however cannot be responsible for any changes from myself leaving and guest/your arrival.
  • All styling stands and decor will be collected at an agreed time up to 48 hours post event.


Cancellation and amendment policy

  • All booking fees are non-refundable

  • Booking fees can be transferrable to other products at another time within 60 days notice of original booking however any supplies purchased towards your order or work undertaken/time spent will be deducted from the transferable amount.

  • Amendments are to be made up until 1 month before wedding/occasion dates. Significant amendments may incur an additional cost and the balance will be adjusted to reflect.

  • In the event of a postponement:

    • Less than 60 days notice - 50% cancellation fee 

    • Less than 30 days notice - 100% cancellation fee on original payment date. (In some circumstances this may be applicable to carry over to another date)

  • All final decisions are considered by myself, Katie, at The Hadham Rolling Pin.


  • Complaints are extremely rare, however, The Hadham Rolling Pin takes them very seriously. Our great reputation is built upon the word of mouth of our customers and I will forever strive to keep it that way.

  • Corrections and repairs to cakes can generally always be repaired on the same day so please reach out within a matter of hours or delivery/collection with any issues I writing along with relevant photos

  • Some complaints may require further investigation and an immediate refund may not always be possible.

  • The full product must be returned within 2 days to ensure we are able to fairly assess the nature of the complaint and determine what course of action we will take. No refund will be given if the product is not returned. For postal orders please contact us for a free tracked returns label.

  • The maximum refund we offer is the value of the cake. Further compensation is not available. All deposits/booking fees are non-refundable. 

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