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Spring 2023 Wedding Cake Tasting Boxes

Spring, summer or autumn wedding? Its nearly your time to shine (yassss!) so let's get rolling onto one of the fun parts of wedding planning and thinking about the flavours for your showstopper!

Looking for the baker for your 2024/25 wedding - its your time to reach out!

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Our wedding cake sample boxes are now available to try in the comfort of your own home, at a pace where you can sit back together and pop some fizz or get the kettle on. Why not get the whole family involved (if you want to share!)

All sample boxes are priced at £25 and will be dispatched via post throughout the second week of April on a Tracked 24 service.


As all sample boxes contain gluten, dairy and eggs, any customers with allergy or dietary requirements will be contacted separately to receive your samples as cupcakes at a time that suits.


Let's eat cake!

Please choose from 6 tasty flavours below - and remember they're totally guilt free as its all part of the wedding planning fun!

Within 48 hours of receiving the pre order request - a payment link will be forwarded to confirm your order. Information will be crosschecked with current information held with your booking or availability checked for new requests.

I’d love to offer all flavour combinations possible for my lovely customers to sample however unfortunately due to organising taster boxes being one of the most time consuming parts of running a wedding cake business this isn’t possible. If you’re after something a little more personalised whether that be chocolate mocha, red velvet, Lotus Biscoff, cookies & cream or more - I love to work together at design and finalisation stage to get these personal touches in but with our sample box you really get a feel for our yumminess.

I can't wait to feed your tums!

Here goes your top 6!

Thank you so much for your pre order - i'm so excited to get started on the next part of your journey together!

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